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MBC Networking is an organization designed to create a wealth building game plan, networking with entrepreneurs by promoting their products and services through Home Based Business Expositions throughout the Bay Area.

"Our Goal this year, is to Bring 12 Home-Based Business Expos to communities throughout the Bay Area"

                                   Rita A. Guess

Join us at our next Expo and enjoy the friendship of different vendors and sponsors while we grow our businesses and incomes.

At MBC Networking, it is our mission to help Recession Proof Bay Area Communities One Neighborhood At a Time through a direct selling company on our website.  Join the movement today and build your team and grow your income. 

MBC Networking is for business owners looking  for networking partners

At MBC Networking you can promote your product or service. You get to invite others to join your business, if you like, so that your business can grow via a distribution system that is face to face as well as web based.  Your product or service will be seen locally, nationally and globally.

Look what MBC Networking can offer for your business or the business opportunities available
As an entrepreneur, you look for ways to enhance, grow and market your business. MBC Networking assists you with marketing by giving you the chance to participate in Home Based Business Expositions. With the contacts you make, you can grow your business by finding interested parties who would like to work with you. And as a person looking for the right opportunity, MBC Networking brings many business opportunities to your finger tips via the world wide web. So feel free to contact MBC Networking via email or telephone to learn more.

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